Consider the 2013+ Ram Platform Checked off. The 2014+ 2500 product development preceded it’s 3500 counterpart and its complication far exceeded the 3500 thanks to it’s 5-link rear end. Taking us back to simpler, almost nostalgic times, the 3500’s leaf spring rear end combines simplicity and performance with cost-effectiveness; more on this later. As with the 2500, the front system includes the “Base Kit” foundational components to correct geometry and provide the lift; being that the 2500 and 3500 share the same front suspension design, those can all be seen HERE in the write-up we did for the 2500.

In addition to the Dominator System, this customer elected to run our Lifetime, Extreme Duty Ball Joints while we completed the build to check “worn ball joints” off his diagnostic list for the duration of the life of the truck.

Onto the rear – this is where the 3500 shines. Sure, it won’t ride quite as soft as a coil-sprung 2500 but it will out tow it (with and without the available long-travel airbag system) while boasting almost 2″ more rear suspension travel. The 3.0″ piggyback rear shocks have always bolted directly into the factory shocks mounts on the Ram platform; this fitment dates back to the 1994 Rams with the exact shock we’re providing you here. Well, tuning is different so not “exact”, per se, but we’re excited to see Ram maintain the design as it’s simple and WORKS! As with the earlier Rams, you’ll find a stout double-shear shock mount welded to the axle – conversely, a weak single shear upper “pin” mount secures the shock to the frame. Earlier HD Rams spec’d a double-shear mount at the frame that was mildly stronger but was still notorious for ripping from the crossmember under the force of a 3.0″ shock. In short, the mounting position is and has been perfect but the upper mount required “beefing” to reliably sustain the forces a 3.0″ diameter shock generates when being used to it’s potential.

One departure from the old ram shock mount upgrade, it’s no longer necessary to remove the bed to replace the shock mounts; installers rejoice! It’s as simple as, cut off the stud, grind it flush, secure our shock mount in place with the provided hardware to the existing bolt holes and weld the legs of the shock mount to the frame.

The customer now has the best riding, most reliable 3500 on the road – big shocks mean outstanding on and off-road manners (the way we tune them); what more could a guy want? Glad you asked. One box we’ve not yet checked off – how does this new bad-ass suspension haul with the lighter rate leaf springs designed for unloaded ride quality and increased suspension travel? The Full Progressive Leaf Springs maintain a respectable capacity; however, with the addition of our long-travel airbags, this customer rely on this build for the trifecta. Commute to work, tow your trailer to the the local OHV, then unhook it to cruise the family through the trails at speed with one hand on the wheel enjoying the well appointed Ram’s creature comforts.

This build is fully outfitted with every Carli SKU available to the model. To top off the Carli Catalog, the customer opted to run a set of Forged Innov8 G500 Wheels in their Bronze finish. These measure 17×9″ with a 5″ backspace. These were wrapped in a 37×13.5″ Nitto Ridge Grappler. The 5″ backspace is a bit more “tire poke” than we recommend as it requires more trimming with the 37s. We got into the pinch weld (not uncommon with a 13.5″ wide tire) and a bit of fender liner but the stance is worth it! Now for the final detail pictures: