Ram 3500 – Factory Leaf Springs

The first truck we saw from the 19 platform was the Auto-Leveling Air Assist, that article can be found below. Next up was the 2500, now, we got a 2019 3500 SRW with the factory leaf springs in the back. Sure enough, the changes we found in the sister-platforms mirrored the changes on this truck with a few to add.

The newly developed front end parts – 2019 specific Adjustable Track Bar and Torsion Sway Bar – bolted up exactly as we anticipated they would. Something new to the 3500 platform, the truck only had a 1-1.5” rake to the rear. All others we’d seen to date have measured 2.5”-3.0” down in the front respective to the rear.

With this, the 2.5” Leveling system will now carry the option for a 1” block or Progressive Add-a-Pack to level the rear to the left provided by the Carli Leveling Springs. These products will be 2019+ specific as this truck also sports a larger 4.25” axle tube compared to the previous generation’s 4”.

Moving up to the 3.25” Systems, the changes above made the installation seamless. As with the leveling kit, the rear height required slight adjustment and will now carry the option between an Add-a-Pack/Block Combination of the Full Progressive Leaf Springs. The only products we were not able to complete were the high mount stabilizer (due to drag link changes) and the Long-Travel Airbags thanks to the 4.25” Axle Tube and redesigned upper cross member; these products are still in the works.

The website should be updated with a “2019+” 2500/3500 within the next few weeks and we’ll make all products and systems available for preorder. Our current Ship ETA for the completed systems is December, 2019.

Ram 3500 – Auto Leveling Air Assist

The Facelifted Exterior and Interior bring the biggest changes, by far. Inside the cabin of this “5th Gen”, you’ll find a level of luxury elevated to a level yet to be touched by any other HD truck manufacturer. Leather-wrapped elegance in a virtually silent cockpit topped with a massive touchscreen adorning the dashboard. Think Range Rover Meets Tesla; we’re impressed!

In question for quite a while was the exterior facelift; people had their concerns from concept to release. The color matched exterior of this truck put all those concerns to rest. No easy feat, Ram ensured the exterior redesigned matched the fit and finish of the interior feeling both grown up and dressed to impress all while keeping the look and feel of an HD truck.

The part for which you’re here – the suspension… This truck was equipped with the Auto-Leveling Air Assist from the factory. Despite all the aesthetic refinement to the platform, this truck rode horribly off the showroom floor – not surprising respective to the truck’s payload capability. First thing’s first, we have a production system tailored to the 2013-18 predecessor and the suspension appeared similar in all press. A local customer picked up the first 2019 off the lot and dropped it at our shop before his 2nd fill-up. We won’t bore you with the details – the new platform is strikingly similar, suspension-wise, to the 2013-18. We went to work and were impressed with the steering and suspension changes outlined in the video above.

Everything installed with relative ease. The Adjustable Track Bar and Torsion Sway Bars needed a tweak to work on both platforms, changes noted and game-plan formulated. The exhaust on this rig is so massive, we needed to change the hardware on the Radius Drops as we could not fit a standard nut between the frame and exhaust. All in all, the front was the best we could’ve hoped for requiring only minimal tweaks to existing products while showing massive improvements in the overall factory design – namely the steering and track bar bracket (see the video for more details).

In the rear, the Full Progressive Leaf Spring Packs (Auto-Leveling Air Assist Springs), Airbag Spacers, and Leveling Sensor Drops bolted directly in. We were pleasantly surprised to find that Ram relocated the air tank and it no longer interfered with our Radius Arm Drops or the Amp Power Steps.

Wheel and tire fitment remains the same as the previous years. Fuel provided our customer a set of 20×9″ Podium Wheels – we wrapped these in 37×13.5″ Nitto Ridge Grapplers requiring minor trimming to clear.

Overall, we’re beyond happy with the new RAM. In the day and age of manufacturers neutering vehicles into crossover aesthetics with concern only for fuel economy, it’s refreshing to see a truck that looks and acts like a truck. We’re Excited to get a 1500, 2500 and 3500 (standard leaf spring) for the next round!