Ford 2005-2016 4.5" Suspension


Our reputation has been built on a long line of quality components and signature shock tunes turning out everything from budget friendly leveled trucks to fully caged, off-road specific diesel race trucks. Given our extensive experience, we offer complete Suspension Systems tuned in house that facilitate any level of desired on-road and off-road performance in the Heavy Duty Platforms.


As the shock package is the main determinate of ride quality and capability among our suspensions, they are the distinguishing difference among the System offerings below. Each “Base Kit” is equipped with a custom tuned Shock Package, 4.5” lift Coil Springs, Radius Arm Drop Brackets, 1° Caster Correction Shims, Extended Stainless Steel Brake Lines, Adjustable Track bar, Bump Stop Drops and, where applicable Add-a-Packs or Full Progressive Leaf Springs and Sway Bar Drops or End Links.


Additionally, products including Fabricated Radius Arms, Steering Stabilizers, Long Travel Airbags and a Differential Guard from our Components section offer the opportunity for complete customization of individual application.




Entry level suspension systems designed for those that keep it on the tarmac. Street Systems boast an aggressive stance while providing the user with more travel and control than the stock platform. Unlike mass-produced lift-kits, the above is accomplished without sacrificing ride quality or drivability as typically associated with lifting a vehicle. The Street Systems are fully upgradeable to the “Recreational” and “Off-Road Systems” without the need to purchase an entirely new suspension system.


Starter Kit

Entry level 4.5" Lift providing more travel, control and comfort than the stock Super Duty while sharing components with the custom tuned systems leaving infinite options for upgradability.








Dubbed the “Jack of all Trades” systems; these suspensions are designed for those that consider their truck to be a tool. Carli Signature Shock Tuning pairs with industry leading components to provide users with more predictable suspension response while increasing in-cabin comfort. Systems in the Recreational category are a very balanced increase of both on-road and off-road performance.


Backcountry 2.0 Kit

Carli Signature Tuned 2.0" Remote Reservoir Shocks provide users with a comfortable, greatly improved on-road ride and entry level off-road capability. This system is the beginning of the Utilitarian suspension lineup.





Pintop 2.5 Kit

Our most popular system, the Pintop kit boasts 2.5", Remote Reservoir King Shocks. Designed and tuned in house for the customer looking for substantial on-road and off-road performance improvement. Customers can expect a softer ride with more control and bottom-out resistance than the Backcountry.





Coilover 2.5 Kit

The Coilover system used Carli's Fabricated Coilover Conversion plates as a display for the custom valved King 2.5" Remote Reservoir Coilover. This system allows users height adjustability for after-market bumpers and winches while providing an awesome on and off-road ride.








Purpose built systems which drastically increase the control and off-road capability of the Heavy Duty Truck Platforms. Tuned for the unpredictable, this level of suspension system far surpasses the expected capability of an 8,500lb truck while providing the best street ride of any of our offerings. A roll-cage is highly recommended if the user plans to attempt to find the limit of the suspension. Ancillary components are also recommended to ensure known weak spots of the truck are coerced into supporting the newfound offroad capability.


Dominator 3.0 Kit

The most travel, softest on-road ride and the second most off-road capability combine to make this the ultimate utilitarian setup in our 4.5" height range. This system options full leaf springs and Fabricated Radius arms are recommended.





Coilover 2.5 Bypass Kit

Providing height adjustability, dual front shocks and ultimate bottom-out resistance, the Coilover Bypass kit is the best option for the avid off-roader. 2.5" Coilover and 2-Tube, 2.5" bypasses adorn the front wheel well, while 3-Tube Rear Bypasses and Full Progressive Leaf Springs round off the rear. This system maintains great on-road manners and is the most off-road capable of our 4.5" lift lineup.





Unchained 3.0 Kit

Custom King 3.0" Bypass Shocks on all four corners make this the most capable off-road suspension we offer by a long stretch. On road ride is controlled and comfortable and a roll cage is recommnended if you're planning to test the limits of this suspension system.